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Well, Out of the Loop, and Not Even Remebered It Seems

Peeked over at tonya's LJ to notice Tim is doing his game, nice to invite me...really...thanks....~_~ I guess I'm just not considered to be even worth considering to ask to play anymore. ¬¬ Well, whatever. Fine, it seems I have been abandoned by most. *Sigh*

In other news, I really dislike when certain people snoop in my room while I'm gone. You know who you are, don't do it again.

I just feel a bit hurt right now. "Always on the outside looking in, never able to find a true friend, always at the edges of the universe, that is my pain, that is my curse"
Hmph, fair weather friends. To dust off an old poem I had hoped I would not need to remember, nor use again to describe how I feel...

"Fair Weather Friends
Fair weather friends
That hide away at the first sign of trouble
I have had too many of them
So when true friends appear I fumble

I try to find the words
To tell them how I feel
I wonder to myself
If they're even real

Fair weather friends
Left me high and dry
When things came down to it
They simply said "Bye"

So now I have to wonder
If my friends are true
Of if like fair weather friends
There is nothing they would do

Friends of old, let me fall
Into the void, and let me die
"Don't look back, just go away
Leave me alone", I silently cry

Mourning the loss of those who never cared
Tears of pain and hate where shead that day
but now my eyes refuse to cry
Haven't shed a tear since that day in May

My grief is instead balled up in my heart
A very silent part
Of what I used to be
Staying forver with me"
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