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Collection of Loose Notes and Thoughts

My Life When I Remeber I Exist

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11 May
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The following information is outdated. I may or may not update it depending on my whim.
(Old Things Kept)
If your brave enough to click on my web page I must warn you now, it is horribly out of date and could use a major overhaul (if I could find the time)

I am terrible at keeping up my journal, I do post some rather odd random things on occasion (usually because a certain someone in livejournal land ~_^)

(New Things)

I am currently residing in the state of confusion. Things changed, perspectives have shifted, and sometimes I'm not sure who I really am anymore. Some of my foundations have been cracked, and things have changed. Who I was and who I am now are a bit different. A lot of my naivity has been worn away to be replaced by a bit more cyncial, a bit more bitter, and a bit more jaded version of myself. My moods are as varied as irridecent light, and my shifting nature as of late has lent itself to many a dilemia.

As far as love goes, I still have the mark of a messy break up upon my heart, but I'm starting over. The one who stands by my side during the dark times is Kevin E. He is there for me through the good times and the bad, and for that I can never thank him enough.

The rest unfolds within the pages of my journal, and as much or as little as I wish the world to know of me resides there, my past, my future are all concepts. Reality is what is current, what I make of things in the present, in the here and now.

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