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Yay! Limited AIM

Disabled pop up blocker for AIM express. That is a good think. That means I could actually talk to people (if they where actually on in the morning....yeah right) Without downloading software and pissing off my dad. ^_^*** Just like highschool....go figure. All well. Not going to be down today. I told myself I would at least try to keep my spirits high, and my protein levels too. Fainting is a bad think, and doctors not giving you a straight answer about what happened to you last time even after a ton of tests is worse. Blah, stupid doctor. Anyways...ever since then when I'm shaky I eat some meat, cause I was shaky before I passed out oh so long ago, and it did coincide with when I had my bloody time. Yah....More info than most people wanted I'm sure, but all well. =Þ If your reading this, might as well find out something ya didn't really want to know.

Now why again did I want AIM up? Everyone else is's not night time when all the fun people are here. *shrug* all well, it's still a small victory! ^_^ *Deep breath* Funny that I have such a large response base to one of the few posts I really didn't think people would pay much attention to. Blah, all well. People just crawl out of the woodwork when they want to rub things in I suppose. One moment of fractured posting equals days of responses. People don't like to hear about all the good things in my life, just the one moment of pain. *shakes my head* All well. I guess that is kindof like the people who like to watch accidents. Morbid curiosity or something. Damn...I should bring Diana's screen name with me tomarrow, then maybe I'll be able to talk to her if she isn't at work or sleeping. ^^* I can cross my fingers at least.
Who would have ever thought I would be listening to things like Techno Rock or hard rock for that matter? I've got NIN "Hand That Bleeds" running through my head. It's got a perky up beat accented by the darker back beat that just kindof catches in your head sometimes I guess. That reminds me in a very round about way, I've had a AMV concept floating through my head for months now, but not the equipment to do so. Now I have the means, and i just need to figure out how to get everything to work the way I need it to. -_-* Go figure. Maybe I'll ask someone from anime club on some advice. In a lot of ways I'm sure it will make Geo happy, but the actual concept and ideas are a secret. =Þ Can't let other people get to it first. *giggle giggle giggle*

Mood swings, mood swings, happy happy mood swings. You know it's bad when an episode of Futurama can make ya cry. It was about Fry's dog, and how he waited for him to come back for 12 years. It was so sad. I felt so bad for the dog, cause Fry has a chance to clone him, and he didn't because he thought that his dog had a full and happy life without him, and didn't want to just bring him back cause he thought the dog didn't even remember him. I cried for a good 5 minutes afterwards. *snuffles*

Also got started on my reminder article about fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. ^^* I might have to polish a bit more before I put it on the board, but I've still got about a week before it's may. I do need to get more flower pictures though, or make some. Yeah, it's a bit cheesy and clique, but I went with the whole April Showers brings May flowers angle. So there are some cute little clouds and rain drops and umbrellas on the board right now, so I really need to kindof counterpoint that this month with the whole flower thing. ^^* I like doing the board though, it gives me a lot of leeway, and the ablity to showcase some of my talents. ^_^ Ambie...showing off. This month has a cute poem I wrote about having an open mind and open heart when it comes to adopting pets. ^^* Too bad I don't have a copy of it with me today or I might even post it here. ^^* Maybe.

Anyways...Life is actually pretty decent. I've started diversifying at work so I don't get board as much, and I have a challenge. They schedual me about once a week now in the mens department, and it seems to be having the desired effect of getting Deb to kindof value me more when I'm on the registers. I could do registers when half asleep though (and have in the past ^^*) They just keep adding more and more things they want us to do. It's like they are trying to stretch us like taffy pieces until we snap. *shrug* I do my best, and that is all that I can do. I make an effort to do everything they ask of me and more. I can't stand just standing around doing nothing at the registers, so of course I'm going to help the departments by folding tables and stuff when I have nothing better to do. They are paying me anyways, I might as well do something to help everyone get to go home that much sooner, right? Wow! Long post. I guess I really haven't written in so long I'm trying to squeeze a whole bunch of things into one little itty bitty post thingy, and I haven't even gone into cat antics. ^^* But...time is running short, so I guess I'll just kindof scram and stuffles.
Maybe I'll get cable and actually be back soon. It's still a tough call between getting cable internet or getting a phone line. The pros and cons are still being weighed out and all that, so the jurry is still out. Anways...take care out there internet land.
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